Construire la ville - 2013

Pictures projections - Slide show - 1 projector, house and building origami

'Building the city' leads me back to Japan, I did not return since the disaster of Fukushima. I am not a photographer of the disaster, this is there to rebuild. My work is related to a Zen aesthetic of nudity, simplicity and harmony in link with the memory, recent memory and distant memory, crossing the genealogies. I exhume a few images from my archives, photo-souvenirs of my residence to the Japan of 2004 during a trip from Tokyo to Yamagata in the North I have assembled into a slideshow. The transition from one image to another is very slow. These images are projected directly on the wall, while being able to cover the floor and ceiling: 'any surface utilized as a screen '. I add white blocks of various sizes and begin to have houses and buildings in origami attached directly to the wall, laying on the blocks or suspended. 'Building the city' is a participatory work; visitors will be able, after constructing a choice of origami  models themselves, place it in or out of the beam, directly on the wall, on the floor or on a blocks... gradually the city is rebuilt.