Les nudités dans le labyrinthe - Gilbert Lascault -2007 - extract

The numerous naked figures scatter. They come together, get lost and come together again. The museum becomes a labyrinth where you look for the light shadows of a flesh which you cannot touch. You move forward in a dreamlike chase, a fantastic hunt.

You are sometimes a shy and fascinated voyeur. And you recall the erotic prints from Japan, in which a woman servant or a jealous man, a lookout can be made out, half-hidden behind a screen. You peep, you spy, not without pleasure. Occasionally you are a seer who uncovers the mystery of an unclothed woman, her enigmatic beauty.

She who has undressed remains for ever unknown, a stranger. She is impassive. She expresses neither emotion nor passion. She eschews all psychology. She is beyond all sentiment. She is a stranger, and desired; she keeps her secret. She guards it.

She appropriates the place; she makes it her own. She huddles in it; she exhibits herself; she slips away; she at once conceals and reveals her face. Her passion for being unrecognized could be one of the greatest pleasures of a woman who is both present and absent.

Gilbert Lascault "Naked figures in the labyrinth"